Logitech Squeezebox Touch Now Shipping, Website Shows Out Of Stock

Logitech today announced that they have begun shipping their Squeezebox Touch Wi-Fi home music server to customers who had pre-ordered the devices.

The Squeezebox Touch features a 4.3-inch touchscreen which allows users to interface, play music from their iTunes and MP3 collections and control various online radio services which include Pandora, Rhapsody, Last.FM and Deezer. Users can also play AM/FM radio stations from the unit.

The Touch unit also features the same analog and digital outputs needed for headphones, external speakers and various other audio-video components that are found on the original classic units.

The Touch also adds USB and SDHC memory card support (up to 32GB). Finally users can sync their personal Flickr accounts with their Squeezebox Touch for extra measure.

Currently the units are showing out of stock on the Logitech website, but you should be able to pick one up soon for $300. [Electronista]