Kristin Cavallari Marries Jay Cutler, She Tweets Rings [Photo]

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are now married. The 26-year-old The Hills actress tweeted the news on Friday shortly after she tied the knot with the 30-year-old Chicago Bears quarterback.

They had their first son, Camden, in August, so the wedding has been anticipated for some time. They were originally engaged in April 2011 but experienced some ups and downs — and even a brief split in the summer of 2011 — before getting back together for good.

They were engaged for a second time in November 2011, and apparently they have now overcome the pre-wedding jitters long enough to finalize their nuptials.

“I think we both knew from the moment we met that we wanted to marry each other,” the blonde beauty once told People magazine.

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler have avoided some of the Hollywood hoopla by traveling to Nashville, Tennessee for the wedding. As a result, the wedding details are surprisingly scanty so far.

The rumor mill had originally suggested that there would be a large wedding in Nashville this weekend. My guess is that we’ll hear more about some sort of wedding reception or bash this weekend.

In any case, I would expect Cavallari to tweet more information soon. She has already posted an Instagram of their wedding bands. Hers is a circle encrusted with diamonds, and his is a dark black band.

Stone or metal? Black jade is possible, but I’m inclined to guess metal. There’s something engraved inside of it, but again I can’t quite tell what. Maybe you can.

Judging by the tweet, she will apparently be changing her name to Kristin Elizabeth Cutler, but I don’t know how seriously we’re supposed to take that, since she is already well established in her career as Kristin Cavalleri.

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[wedding band photo by Kristin Cavallari via Instagram]

[Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari photo by DFree /]