New York Japanese Restaurant Bans Tipping

When you dine at Sushi Yasuda, you don’t have to worry about leaving a tip. Scott Rosenburg, the owner of the renowned New York Japanese restaurant, has decided to stop accepting tips from customers.

Don’t worry, though, the servers will be compensated for the lost tips. They will receive a higher hourly wage that will be subsidized by higher menu prices. Rosenburg said that the average customer will spend less money than before tipping was eliminated.

“Wouldn’t it be nice,” Rosenburg asks, “If you could get lost in the whole experience all the way through the meal, not until that last step, when you have to look at the check, do some math, do some calculation. Why not just take your check, see the number, and sign it if you’re good with it. To me, it extends the fullness of the experience a little bit more.”

Rosenburg is not the only person who doesn’t believe in tipping. Cornell University Professor Michael Lynn was recently interviewed on his views about tipping and said he would outlaw tipping completely. He said tipping is discriminatory because he found that the people who get the most tips are thin white women in their 30s with big breasts.

Lynn also said that tipping can make the customer very uncomfortable. If a customer doesn’t know how much he is supposed to tip for a service, he might feel awkward.

According to Lynn, tipping also shifts away work from the employee. He said that tipping can create so much unease that customers just end up doing the work themselves. For instance, some people park their cars farther away even if there is a valet at the door.

Do you think Rosenburg made the right decision when he decided to ban tipping at his restaurant? Or do you think customers should be able to tip whatever they want?

[Image via Shuttershock]