James McAvoy Snorts Coke In Unrated Trailer For ‘Filth’ [Video]

There hasn’t been a decent film made about Welsh since Danny Boyle’s cult classic Trainspotting. While we’re waiting for the director to make him Trainspotting sequel, is seems like we’ll have a promising film called Filth to tide us over.

Just going by the trailer this looks like a rather awesome ride for its lead James McAvoy. McAvoy who has taken on challenging roles before, seems to go to the land of no return as Bruce Robertson, who is a sex-obsessed, coke head, bigoted Scottish police officer. When he isn’t up to his usual sexcapades, he’s busy investigating a murder. Of course his investigation never lasts for too long because of his wild vices which includes, sex, drugs, and brooze.

Filth’s red band NSW trailer is impeccable. It’s all you want from a film that focuses on the down spiral of an off the wall character that McAvoy plays. Right away the visual scheme during McAvoy’s introduction is bold and flashy. It introduces a rough around the edges McAvoy as an “addict”, a “drug dealer”, “deranged”, “pervert”, “violent”, “corrupt”, “sick”, and lastly “filthy”. It’s obvious that if you aren’t willing to jump down the rabbit hole of an in your face exploration, then you may not be ready to see Filth.

What’s refreshing about the trailer is that it knows exactly what kind of movie it is, and it’s confident in its genre. The trailer is filled with energy, opening with a Studio 54 soundtrack with disco beats for a fast paced atmosphere. If that’s not impressive, musically speaking Filth has the master of all composer’s Clint Mansell turning out the film’s score.

Top that off with an impressive cast like Jim Broadbent, Eddie Marsan, Jamie Bell, and Imogen Poots and it looks like a recipe for a great film that may reach cult status.

Check out the unrated NSFW trailer of Filth: