iPhone 4.0 May Finally Bring Printing Capabilities [Rumor]

It’s always driven me crazy that the iPhone can open documents, create new documents and even edit documents on the fly, but couldn’t handle a basic function like printing, but that could be changing come Apple iPhone OS 4.0.

According to Electronista the move could be a direct response to the iPad iWork’s app suite which provide the message “printing directly from iPad is not currently available” which would imply it may be available in future releases.

With Apple holding a special event on Thursday which should reveal more about iPhone 4.0 we could be able to clear up this rumor and various others. If the move does occur it would be a huge step forward as most mobile operating systems outside of Windows Mobile have failed to provide proper printing capabilities.

If the printing capability does come to iPhone we can expect either WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity which will limit the number of printers that can be used, but which will still provide quick access to many newer printers on the market.