Pia Zadora Allegedly Choked Son During Domestic Altercation

Pia Zadora was arrested last weekend after a domestic dispute erupted at her Las Vegas home. During the altercation, the 61-year-old entertainer allegedly scratched and choked her teenage son, Jordan, while arguing over the boy’s bedtime.

According to a report by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, Pia Zadora was arrested and charged with coercion and domestic violence battery for her actions during the incident. Other family members involved in the dispute included the actress’ husband, Las Vegas Police Detective Michael Jeffries, and her 32-year-old stepson, Mike Jr.

The argument reportedly began around 11 pm on Saturday when Pia Zadora demanded that her 16-year-old son Jordan retire to his bedroom for the evening.

The teenager apparently disagreed with his mother’s wishes and asked to continue socializing with family members at the residence.

The police report indicates that, “Jordan said he told his mom he wanted to stay outside and talk because it was a weekend night.” Her son’s refusal to comply with the bedtime request allegedly sparked anger from Zadora, who began spraying her family with a water hose.

The argument reportedly intensified and turned physical as Zadora began “punching and scratching” at her adult stepson, requesting that he leave the premises when he tried to intervene. The actress-singer also apparently scratched her husband’s face during the assault.

The family fight continued for several hours, culminating around 4:30 am with a physical struggle between Jordan and his mother for control of the teenager’s cellphone as he attempted to report her behavior to authorities. According to the police report:

“Pia then grabbed him from behind around his head, grabbing his eyes and face, leaving a scratch on his left ear. Jordan got away and Pia came up and again grabbed him from behind encircling his neck in the process.”

The call to 911 regarding the domestic disturbance brought police to the entertainer’s home where they were denied access by the occupants. Although responding officers were able enter the residence through an unsecured door at the back of the property, their requests for the family to step outside were reportedly met with resistance.

According to the police report, the officers exited the house and a SWAT team was dispatched to the location. After several hours, Pia Zadora placed a call to emergency services and was instructed to present herself to the law enforcement team waiting outside.

The entertainer complied with the request, reportedly informing officers that she had remained inside because she was initially under the impression that her husband — in his capacity as a detective — would resolve the situation.

According to police, Pia Zadora was eventually taken into custody and transported to the Clark County Detention Center. Shortly after being booked on domestic violence charges, the actress-singer posted a $4,000 bail requirement and was released.

[Top image via the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department]

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