Man Sick Of Xbox Asks For Jail Instead Of House Arrest

A man sick of his Xbox has opted for jail time over home arrest. The 19-year-old New Zealander called police on Tuesday asking to serve out the rest of his 11-month sentence in jail.

Furthermore, he threatened to breach his house arrest if no one came to collect him. The reason being? He “had run out of Xbox games to play.”

The man has already served 10-months of his 11-months sentence so it seems odd that he couldn’t bear the thought of four more weeks in the comfort of his own home, gaming to his heart’s content.

Not many other men would choose jail over their Xbox under any circumstance.

Even the thought of having to replay an old game is better than sacrificing Xbox time. Any man sick of his Xbox is a rare creature indeed.

Not to mention that the crime this man committed, which hasn’t been disclosed, clearly wasn’t enough to warrant going to jail in the first place.

Lets hope he wasn’t resorting to using his genitals as a weapon to get sex.

House arrest is usually applied for a minimum of 14 days to a maximum of 12 months in New Zealand with constant electronic surveillance put in place.

Although solely confined to your home, the option seems better than being placed in a criminal facility that houses over 548 prisoners.

However, Northland judges have often commented on how difficult serving a house arrest sentence actually is.

The idea of remaining confined to your home is completely different to the reality of it.

You have no freedom within your home – you’re a prisoner. The fact that it’s in your home instead of jail appears to have little to do with it.

As it seems, the man sick of his Xbox is inclined to agree.

There is a happy ending though, for the 19-year-old at least, as he was granted his wish to go to jail and is now serving out his sentence from behind bars.

At least there won’t be any foiled prison escapes from this man.

By the time he’s released from jail, his Xbox will be like a long lost lover. He’ll ask himself why he got sick of his Xbox in the first place.

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