7.5% Of iPad Users Jumping Ship Away From Amazon Kindle

The iPad sold 300,000 units on opening day and 7.5% of those buyers told Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray that they were making the jump away from their Amazon Kindle devices.

The numbers above were reached based on 448 interviews conducted at the Apple stores in New York City and Minneapolis. According to the survey 13 percent of those people interviewed said they owned an Amazon Kindle, while 7.5% said they would be completely replacing their Kindle with the iPad.

According to Electronista:

Planned usage habits also hinted that at least some iPad buyers, including those new to e-readers, would be considered lost sales for Amazon. About 38 percent plan to read books; most, 74 percent, plan to view the web. E-mail and video are nearly even at 32 and 26 percent, but gaming and music were only 18 and 8 percent of the mix.

That same survey points to 74 percent of those buyers already owning a Mac, with 66 percent carrying around an iPhone.

If Amazon and their Kindle line has anything going for them it’s the $259 price tag that’s nearly half the cost of the $499 Apple Tablet.