‘Nexus Experience’ Crucial In Order For Google To Regain Control Of Android

Google’s control over Android seems to be a hot topic as of late, and sources such as CNN report that most Android phones do not run the best versions of Android, and the Nexus Experience could be a big game changer.

While the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One have already been released, the upcoming versions of those smartphones will be released with the “Nexus Experience,” the stock version of Android.

According to CNN:

“Though Nexus Experience phones will be exclusively available on the Google Play store, they won’t be the same as other “Nexus” devices offered by Google. Google designs those phones’ hardware in addition to the software.”

They continue on to say:

“Convincing manufacturers to release Nexus Experience devices is an important step for Google in reclaiming its open-source Android mobile operating system. Over the past few years, the search giant had in many ways lost control.”

Because other phone manufacturers such as HTC were using customized versions of the Android software, that made it difficult for Google to push out their updates. So, as a result, CNN reports:

“If manufacturers actually decided to update their devices, they were (and still are, if these usage figures are any indication) frequently a year or two behind the latest version of Android.”

That is just one of the reasons why the Nexus Experience is so crucial for Google. If they can get their idealized vision of the Android onto the most popular devices, Google will finally be able to get updates to phones faster.

Other sources believe that Google really has nothing to worry about, saying:

“When it comes right down to it, many of the reasons that people are attracted to Android — the use of Google Inc’s services, the openness of the Play store, the ability to tweak the device — are fundamental to Google’s continued control.”

It would seem that as long as Google continues their work on their Android products and continues working on their other services such as the Google Play Store, then there shouldn’t be a big fear of Google losing control of Android.

For all those who currently work with an Android powered phone, do you believe the Nexus Experience will further benefit your smartphone habits?

[Image via Digital Trends]