Amanda Bynes May Have Schizophrenia And A Second Twitter Account [Rumor]

Something seriously disturbing is happening on the Amanda Bynes Twitter account. In addition to her slew of erratic, troubling Tweets, it’s also been speculated that Amanda Bynes has a second Twitter account named Barbie (@persiannyc27)-or at least a very troubled, violent stalker that she needs to stay away from.

Lately, Bynes has been following and retweeting all sorts of violent, disturbing Tweets from the Twitter account of someone calling themselves ‘Barbie.’ This is notable, because Bynes only follows 13 other accounts on Twitter. The Barbie account has been showing all sorts of signs of serious schizophrenia, including hearing voices, and threatening bodily violence, by saying things like ‘You’re so ugly I want to stab you in the face with a knife, carve out ur eyeballs and stab your voice box so I no longer have to hear your voice.’

While The Amanda Bynes second Twitter account is just the latest rumor in the ongoing Amanda Bynes scandal, we just have to point out that Barbie’s tone is eerily similar to Amanda’s writing and tweet style and they tweet about the same subject matter.

But you be the judge on this one….

Another reason why the Amanda Bynes second Twitter account rumor could be true is that there have been recent reports that avatar therapy is a coping mechanism for those who suffer from schizophrenia. If Amanda Bynes really does has schizophrenia, she could be using ‘Barbie’ as a second, digital identity in order to face the person/people she thinks are inside of her head, and make her/them go away.

Lets not forget that as of late, Amanda Bynes has taken to Twitter to say all sorts of strange things, like wanting Drake to ‘murder’ her vagina, telling Rihanna that Chris Brown beat her ‘because she wasn’t pretty enough,’ and telling Jenny McCarthy that she was ‘ugly’ and that she ‘looked 80’ compared to her. This could be the latest in a long line of odd, Amanda Bynes Twitter behavior, a second Twitter account, schizophrenia, a deranged fan, or who else knows what.

Is 'Barbie' @persiannyc27 Amanda Bynes' secret, second twitter account?
Amanda Bynes may have a second Twitter account and possible symptoms of schizophrenia.

— Barbie (@persiannyc27) June 4, 2013

Inquisitr Readers: Does Amanda Bynes have schizophrenia? Do you believe that Barbie is Amada Bynes’ second Twitter account or just the latest in the recent Amanda Bynes scandal?