Legend Of Zelda Fan Movie Is Awesome, Probably Never Gonna Happen

The Legend of Zelda helped set the foundation for modern day role-playing games and even MMORPGs. Yet, despite the games popularity, there is not a Legend of Zelda movie. Sure, we could watch Mario Brothers 10 more times, but it’s simply not the same.

To rectify the Legend of Zelda movie situation, a team of fans from Corridor Digital have created Link’s Shadow (The Legend Of Zelda).

The fan created short is just four minute and 19 seconds long, but it does a great job of highlighting what a Zelda movie could look like.

If the name sounds familiar, that’s because Corridor Digital was also responsible for the just as fun Googly Eyes and Kittens on the Beat videos.

The new video places Link against his greatest enemy — himself.

Link and his dark alter ego engaging in a super violent swordfight that ultimately ends in tragedy.

Despite the fatal wound suffered by Link, the journey continues. Unfortunately, that four minutes and 19 seconds is all we get to see at this time.

Since debuting on June 3, 2013, the video has already racked up an impressive 334,631 views.

Not only is the fan based movie a worthy view, given a bigger budget and a full story line, I would actually be willing to head out to see this story as a feature film.

Now with no further delay here is Link’s Shadow (The Legend Of Zelda).

Sure, the video isn’t perfect, but just imagine what the team at Corridor Digital could do with millions of dollars and a backstory.

Would you go and see a full-length Legend Of Zelda movie if were released in theaters?