‘The Equalizer’ Movie Adds ‘Justified’ Actor

The cast of The Equalizer adaptation continues to grow.

After stumbling a bit out of the gate, it appears that director Antoine Fuqua’s big screen version of the 80s TV show is finally on its way in front of the camera.

Now that a director is in place and filming is ready to begin, the cast is starting to come together. It’s being reported today that Justified’s David Meunier has landed a role in the flick.

Denzel Washington stars as Robert McCall, a former secret agent who helps people with their problems for a price. Think A-Team with fewer explosions and more intrigue. The Justified actor will portray a pimp in the movie.

Outside of a few short films and a role as a soldier in The Incredible Hulk, Meunier hasn’t stuck to small screen roles. If he’s looking to make the jump to the big screen, then he’s certainly picked the right group of people to help kick things off.

Also on-board for the project are Melissa Leo and rising star Chloe Grace Moretz. There’s a lot of talented folks involved with the adaptation, so here’s hoping the nail the elements that made the TV show so memorable.

Sony Pictures had a bit of trouble getting the project to come together. Only God Forgives director Nicolas Winding Refn was originally offered a chance to direct the film. Unfortunately, the filmmaker and Washington reportedly ran into a few creative issues. As a result, Refn decided to drop out.

After a few other directors were rumored for the gig, the Equalizer adaptation ended up in the capable hands of Antoine Fuqua. He previously worked with Denzel Washington on the crime drama Training Day back in 2001.

Unless Sony hits another snag along the way, the big screen version of the series should make its way into theaters on April 11, 2014. As a fan of the program, this writer will most likely be there on opening day.

What do you think about The Equalizer adding Justified actor David Meunier?