‘South Park: The Stick Of Truth’ Lets You Fart Forever

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, you can fart forever.

If you haven’t heard of South Park, you’re probably living under a rock. It remains to this day one of the most simply animated cartoons of all time, as well as one of the most offensive. South Park is so offensive, in fact, that Tom Cruise threatened to sue if they ever aired the Scientology episode again. Matt Stone and Trey Parker are right up there with Seth MacFarlane and Matt Groening as some of the most famous prime-time animated show creators of all time.

South Park: The Stick of Truth is a role-playing game featuring everybody’s favorite kids from the infamous small town, and so far, it is reportedly pretty good. The objective of the game is a quest to locate and acquire the all-powerful Stick, an item which has spawned an all-out civil war at South Park Elementary. The two factions, the Humans and the Elves, are led by Stan and Kyle (Elves) and Cartman (Humans). Apparently it’s pointless to have Kenny leading anyone, as he dies in pretty much every episode.

The game lets you customize your character, so you can be male or female, and have any kind of clothing, weapons, etc. you want from the start. The weapon you choose can be modified by strap-ons you will come across along the way.

If the references shock you by now, you probably don’t know much about South Park, a show where Cartman was convinced he was invisible when he was naked in front of the whole town, and Butters dressed as a dog to get help with a throwing star in his eye. Yup, that’s the humor the show goes for, on the tamer side.

Now what kind of role-playing game would South Park: The Stick of Truth be if you couldn’t use magic? This is where farting comes in, as one of the main kinds of magic. And apparently, the game will give you the ability to fart forever. It’s said that if you hold the button down to fart, you never have to stop. How’s that for a lovely mental picture?

Are you looking forward to South Park: The Stick of Truth and the ability to fart forever?