Farrah Abraham Avoids Jail With DUI Plea Deal

Wayward Teen Mom turned porn star Farrah Abraham has struck a deal in her DUI case to avoid jail time.

According to TMZ, Abraham won’t be serving any time behind bars for her DUI charge after taking a deal with prosecutors. An official for the Douglas County D.A.’s Office said that she will plead guilty to aggravated DUI and in exchange, prosecutors will ask for probation instead of jail.

Abraham was nabbed for DUI in Nebraska back in March, blowing nearly twice the legal limit. She originally pleaded not guilty and seemed to believe she hadn’t done anything wrong, gauging from her interview with Dr. Phil.

In addition to probation, prosecutors want Abraham’s driving privileges suspended and about $500 in fees paid to the court. With $1.5 million in the bank thanks to her roll in the hay with porn star James Deen, we’re guessing she’ll have little trouble picking up the check.

Abraham has been in the news quite a bit lately for her strange antics and even stranger interviews. Her DUI was almost completely whitewashed in the media by reports that she had filmed a sex tape earlier this year. She initially denied the tape’s existence.

After it was discovered that the tape was actually a professionally produced porn movie with big-name adult industry lead James Deen, Abraham copped to its existence, and said that she made it in order to capture her figure on film while she was still young. She also wanted at least $2 million for it.

Porn-peddlers at Vivid Entertainment wanted the film, but Abraham tried to block its release. They ultimately agreed to a deal which netted Abraham $1.5 million for the clip, which was published with the unflattering title “Backdoor Teen Mom.”

Since then, Abraham has announced plans to return to school and hopes to “change the world” with a new reality TV series described as a “docu-soap.” She has picked up lucrative odd jobs here and there, including an endorsement deal with Raspberry Tones.

As Abraham continues to thrive both professionally and personally, she has been the target of media outlets and other celebrities who have criticized her for her irresponsible behavior and the example she has set not only for her daughter but for other young girls as well.

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[Image via: Twitter]