Couple says Facebook vacation bragging prompted robbery

Remember the story last week about the woman who posted extensively about her expensive possessions only to be robbed blind when she told her hundreds of “friends” that she would be out at a certain date and time for a scheduled event?

It’s apparently happened again, this time in Knoxville, Tennessee, where a young couple chronicled their Floridian vacation nonstop on the social networking site:

“We Facebooked everything,” the homeowner said.

Apparently, one of Boris McCubbin’s 887 friends may not have been all that trustworthy, because he and wife Claudette returned home to find their home so “trashed” that they were unable to walk in through the front door.

“We got home, called the police and couldn’t even get in the house,” Claudette McCubbin explained.

The family room and bedrooms in the West Knoxville house were all trashed. Thousands of dollars in electronics were missing.

Boris McCubbin, Claudette’s husband, said several pizza boxes and a basket of clothing was left at their home by the suspect.

As the investigation is ongoing, the McCubbins don’t “feel comfortable” disclosing how they know the suspect was motivated by their Facebook postings. She says:

“I wanted to share with our friends everything that we were doing. We know a lot of people. We have a really good support group. Who would’ve thought that one of them [a thief] saw that or maybe a friend of a friend. That was a huge mistake,” Claudette said.

Lt. Jerry Armstrong with the Knoxville Police Department spoke with the local news outlet running the McCubbin’s story and had some advice for Facebookers who want to share vacation details with their friends over the site. Wait until you get home to tell everyone about your awesome holidays.


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