Jesse James in rehab as Nazi pic, orgy story hit internet

Poor Sandra Bullock.

If the whole Nazi mistress with white power tattoos selling her story to all and sundry thing wasn’t bad enough, Us Weekly‘s latest cover is probably a bit horrifying and awful for the recent Oscar winner. Not content to merely bone neo-Nazi sleazebuckets, Jesse James apparently hit a trifecta of Nazi flirtation in the pics most likely sold to Us for a princely sum.

In the image above, James is smiling rougishly at the camera while wearing Nazi hat, Nazi saluting, and referencing Hitler’s unique mustache with his fingers. And that’s not all in today’s “Jesse James is an anti-semitic, philandering douche” news. Apparently, someone named Skittles Valentine spilled the beans on some Jesse James related orgies while Sandra Bullock was filming The Proposal:

Life & Style has a report of an alleged foursome James and Michelle “Bombshell” McGee participated in last year with another couple (though for those keeping track at home, the man-man was the only combo that didn’t materialize during the alleged romp).

The magazine quotes Skittles Valentine, along with her inked-up tattoo artist boyfriend Eric McDougall, saying the alleged encounter took place after they met last June (while Bullock was promoting The Proposal) at the Ink-n-Iron tattoo festival after McDougall filled in, of all things, an octopus tattoo for Jesse free of charge.

James is reportedly in rehab, although I’d hazard a guess at this point that the marriage is likely not salvageable.