Just as Facebook doesn’t care about out privacy it appears we don’t care either

Think people really care if Facebook goes ahead with its planned changes to its privacy policy?

You know .. the one where they will automatically share your info with specially approved sites without you even having to log into the sites with your Facebook credentials.

One would think that people would get all upset about that kind of thing but other than a few tech pundits it seems that the rest of the people couldn’t care less. In a post today at VentureBeat Kim-Mai Cutler did some checking around to see what the reaction has been from real people and I gotta say I’m not the least bit surprised.

So where’s the outrage?

Nowhere apparently. The page where Facebook is supposed to receive input on the new program on the Site Governance Page has elicited a grand total of 131 comments as of 10:30 a.m. Pacific time. By contrast, Facebook’s announcement of the changes has 2,109 “likes” or thumbs up. That’s a huge difference from when the company announced the news feed back in 2006 and had as much as 10 percent of its entire user base protesting the change.

As I pointed out in a post over on my home blog the other day Facebook doesn’t care about the reaction from a very small minority of tech bloggers and they totally expect, and count on this apathy from the general users of Facebook

Needless to say this has a segment of the tech blogosphere up in arms – as they should be. The problem is that Facebook couldn’t care less. They already have a track record of abusing user trust and privacy that only changes if the noise gets too loud. At which point they just switch to Plan B which for all we know could have been Plan A.

When it comes right down to it Facebook doesn’t care if we trust them or not – they’ve gotten too big for that to really worry them. Sure it’s inconvenient but in the end the numbers are on Facebook’s side. If over 350 million users couldn’t have cared less the last time that Facebook pulled this kind of crap what makes you think it will be any different – seriously.

It seems as if the numbers bear this out.