Video: Erykah Badu strips off in “Window Seat”

Soul songstress Erykah Badu’s new video for song “Window Seat” is garnering attention for- well, mainly for the fact that the song is set to Badu stripping as she walks down a Dallas street until she gradually becomes completely naked- pixellatedly so.

Badu says the song is a statement about “groupthink,” and after the climax of the video, she speaks, saying:

“They play it safe. They are quick to assassinate what they do not understand. They move in packs ingesting more and more fear with each act of hate on one another. They feel most comfortable in groups- less guilt to swallow. They are us. This is what we have become, afraid to respect an individual. A single person within a circumstance can move one to change to love ourself… to evolve.”

Aside from the nudity part, “Window Seat” is also peppered with audio references to President Kennedy’s assassination, pivotal in the video:

As she reached the spot where Kennedy was first struck by a bullet, the crackle of a gunshot is heard and Badu’s head snaps back and she falls to the ground as if dead.

Badu has been tweeting in response to the reaction to the song, and you can read her thoughts on her Twitter feed. Badu’s new album, “New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh,” is set to hit stores this week.