Spider-Man, Captain America Impersonators Fight In Hollywood

Spider-Man and Captain America recently got into a fight on the streets of Hollywood, California.

Being a superhero impersonator is a tough business when other like-minded individuals are trying to make a buck. Since there can only be so many heroes in the same space, apparently a trio of performers decided to fight it out front of the Dolby Theater on Wednesday.

Witnesses said that no less than three superhero impersonators, one Spider-Man and two Captain Americas, started shoving each other around in a dispute over this particular section of Hollywood Boulevard. Apparently all three couldn’t decide who deserved to pose for photos with tourists.

Madame Tussauds’ kiosk worker Vernardo Stroud said the argument soon started getting very ugly. All three superhero impersonators began circling the kiosk as amused tourists looked on.

“Captain America just hit one of [the Captain Americas], and Spider-Man started bleeding. I was just stunned at the moment. Then all of a sudden, it just got to me … I got to get them out of the way. The tourists just looked around like they were enjoying the moment,” Stroud explained.

Juan Diego, one of the Captain America impersonators involved in the fight, said the argument was over who deserved to work the area. Diego added that some of the people dressed as superheroes are giving everyone else a bad name.

“That is not good for the image, the perception, for the spirit of Hollywood,” he added.

An area Batman impersonator also weighed in on the villainous superheroes who are plaguing the area. According to the Caped Crusdar, some of the these wannabes are putting tourists in a very tight spot.

“There are a group of characters who are actually strong-arming tourists and actually asking for $20 tips, which is ridiculous. And they force them to pay,” Batman (aka A.C. Simmons) explained.

Although Spider-Man was left bleeding and the Captain Americas were knocking each other around at one point, no arrests have been made. The superhero impersonators live on to fight another day.