Justin Bieber: There Goes The Neighborhood

Justin Bieber v The World, or at least the Calabasas, Los Angeles neighborhood he lives in and Los Angeles County police authorities, is now officially greenlit.

After barely wrapping his incident-filled Believe tour, the 19-year-old touched off another alleged reckless driving row on Monday after either allowing Tyler, The Creator to drive his white Ferrari — or actually driving it himself.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore says two witnesses — former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson and another resident — saw Bieber’s white Ferrari speed past with the singer at the wheel while they were outside a Calabasas location.

The Los Angeles Times reports Whitmore as saying:

“Johnson said he took his [three-year-old] daughter back inside and then drove to Bieber’s nearby home, where he saw the singer backing the Ferrari into a garage.”

“When Johnson arrived at Bieber’s home, he reached out his arm to prevent the garage door from closing and confronted Bieber, who was in the driver’s seat, according to police reports.”

“He was concerned about his daughter, and he wanted to talk to Mr. Bieber about that. Mr. Bieber hurried into the home without talking to anybody.”

Deputies attending Bieber’s home were turned away from the door by security who said the singer declined to talk to them on the advise of counsel.

L.A authorities are now considering a possible misdemeanor reckless-driving charge against the teen entertainer, Whitmore added. He also issued a stark challenge to the Canadian.

“Mr. Bieber is making statements through others that he was not driving. If he wants to set the record straight, contact us for a sit-down, thorough interview.”

Whitmore continued: “He has to ask himself this question, ‘If you have nothing to hide, why not talk to us?'”

Into this molten mix, TMZ are claiming Bieber’s neighbors say the teen star and his friends spent Memorial Day weekend Segway riding while allegedly smoking weed in front of children from the Calabasas neighborhood.

The website adds residents claim Bieber and his pals have “turned the neighborhood upside down,” with accusations of loud music at parties and other anti-social conduct.

Other reckless driving claims by the neighbors against the pop star were noted. No firm details were provided.

According to TMZ, Calabasas’ residents have reportedly had enough and the homeowners’ board is planning to take direct action. Mutterings about Bieber “running a business from his house” and other possible breaches of the rules are also mentioned. The criteria cited is loose, but it’s an indication — if true — of the strength of feeling in the gated community.

In addition, Lil Twist, a rapper and a pal was pulled over by police on Wednesday reportedly for speeding while driving Bieber’s white Ferrari. He was reportedly let off with a warning.

However, even these alleged incidents pales beside the ongoing battery allegation against the singer.

In March, another neighbor claimed that Bieber spat and threatened to kill him when he confronted the singer over an alleged reckless driving instance. Reuters reports parties allegedly held at the teen’s house while toured were also one of the neighbor’s concerns.

Prosecutors are currently mulling whether to charge Bieber with battery and reportedly the District Attorney’s Office wants to speak to a witness the singer’s camp say is prepared to swear on oath that no spitting was involved.

It’s likely the “spitting” component of the alleged battery could be the final deal breaker for how public opinion will view Bieber, if it proves to be true. At least one noteworthy niggle is the teen star’s seeming preference for avoiding actual contact with his neighbors, bearing in mind that the evidence has not yet been disclosed.

The Los Angeles Times reports police are seeking additional interviews with witnesses and surveillance video of the neighborhood over the Memorial Day weekend.

At this point everything is alleged. Neither Bieber’s publicist or the singer have commented on the investigations. There may be mitigating or indeed exculpatory explanations, or not.

Meanwhile, momentum in Calabasas — and the stakes — are rising.

[Image via s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]