Rob Kardashian Settles With Photographer In Civil Assault Case

Rob Kardashian has settled a civil assault case filed against him.

The lawsuit was filed by Andra Viak, with whom Kardashian got into an altercation in March. Viak was waiting for Kardashian in the parking garage at a West Hollywood gym and managed to capture a few photos of the reality TV star changing out of his clothes. Kardashian allegedly grabbed the camera from Viak and removed the memory card. Viak claimed that, during the struggle, Kardashian struck her in the face.

Kardashian allegedly told friends that the area where he had changed was not visible from the street, and a witness later said that Viak had driven her car inside the garage and waited for Kardashian so she could take photos. He also said that he had gone to a private gym owned by trainer Gunnar Peterson, and that Viak was trespassing. A gym manager said that big celebrities train there and photographers will often wait for an opportune moment to snap photos.

Kardashian was charged with petty theft and battery, and pleaded not guilty to both charges earlier this month. Kardashian was in court Wednesday for a hearing, and his lawyers told the judge that a civil settlement had been reached. According to TMZ, Viak is satisfied with the settlement and doesn’t wish to pursue a criminal case. However, since she was not present in court with Kardashian, the judge decided to wait to dismiss the criminal case. Viak agreed to be present in court at the June 7 hearing.

While Rob Kardashian isn’t in the headlines quite as often as his sisters, he has previously been in the news for his ugly split from singer Rita Ora, whom he claimed cheated with twenty other men, and for his recent weight gain and subsequent attempt to lose the pounds. The 26-year-old recently attended a Neiman Marcus event for his sock line and had indeed shed a bit of weight but said he still had 40 to 50 more pounds to lose.

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