Two And A Half Men… And A Little Lady? Big Casting Changes Made On CBS Show

The hit CBS show Two And A Half Men may want to think about a name change. The show is losing its half man (Angus T. Jones) next season and is adding a little lady.

Two Men And A Lady, which is not the show’s official name, will see Charlie Harper’s lost daughter join the cast.

Two And A Half Men started as a show about two brothers and one of their sons. Charlie Sheen left the show and CBS decided to kill off the character Charlie Harper. Ashton Kutcher was brought in and by the powers of suspended logic Harper’s character was replaced by the newer, fresher Walden Schmidt. At this point, the show still had its Two And A Half Men formula despite the fact that Angus T. Jones was actually in his late teens.

Well, now there’s going to be another major casting change.

After voicing his displeasure with the show Angus T. Jones has decided to leave Two And A Half Men. In his place, CBS will be bringing in a female character.

According to TV Guide, the new character will be introduced after Jones leaves. The character will be in her early twenties and will be the daughter of Charlie Harper, the character that was played by Charlie Sheen. The girl comes to live with her uncle, played by Jon Cryer, and his new roommate Ashton Kutcher.

CBS has not announced who will be playing the new character yet.

So, just to catch up. Two and a Half Men used to be about two brothers and a son. One of those brothers died and the other moved in with a rich but stupid computer millionaire. The kid on the show grew up and realized that the show was “filthy” and decided to leave. Now, out of the blue, walks in a young lady to fill Jones’ shoes.

Do you think the casting change will work? Will you watch Two And A Half MenMen And A Lady? If Jon Cryer leaves the show it will officially be time to just give up and call it quits.