VIDEO: Bill Murray tends bar at SXSW

Kim LaCapria


Bill Murray stories are always so awesome.

First he got bagged for driving everyone in Stockholm home from the bar in a golf cart and refusing a breathalyzer. Then a book almost came out claiming that he had a habit of handing out $20 bills to random people in the lobby of Four Seasons hotels, saying their shoes needed shining or "you look hungry, go buy a sandwich." Now reports are emerging of Murray randomly tending bar at SXSW.

The guy narrating it- who is, sorry to be trite, kind of a hipster douche- won't shut his yap for more than half the video, but there are definitely some great shots of Murray just straight up serving people drinks. And not just any drinks. Apparently, Bill took orders for everything but only served... Tequila. And even that's not awesome enough for a story, so RZA and GZA of Wu-Tang were also involved somehow. The video, below: