Eric Stonestreet ‘Modern Family’ Star Just Wishes Justin Bieber Was There And Poof [Video]

Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet must have the magic touch. At a hockey game last night, he was musing, “I wish Justin was here” and poof. Justin Bieber was there.

Abracadabra. I think we all wish that we could rub a magic lantern and make Justin Bieber stroll into our stadium and take a seat nearby.

Needless to say, frequent tweeter Eric Stonestreet wasted no time in uploading a brief six second video to Vine and Twitter. He seemed ecstatic at the Bieber sighting, gushing — with hashtags all included — “#omg #OMG #OMG.”

A bit later, Bieber was happy to retweet the video.

Not to be the only doubter in a room full of Beliebers, but is it impossible that the heart-warming encounter was staged to promote the Vine app?

The only problem is that the tiny scrap of footage embedded in Stonestreet’s tweet already seems to be broken. At the time of writing, I can’t see the video by checking either Bieber or Stonestreet’s Twitter accounts.

Uh oh. That might not be the publicity that the Vine app was looking for. But when it is working, the Vine allows for a maximum clip length of around six seconds — perfect for modern short attention spans.

Fortunately, a quick-thinking YouTuber had already preserved the enduring six-second work of genius for all posterity by posting it there. Feel free to check it out and make up your own mind about the magical encounter.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Bieber apparently enjoyed the hockey game, later tweeting: “great night #hockey love u.”

Here’s that YouTube capture of the very brief Vine video in question:

What do you think? For some reason, I don’t think Justin Bieber’s arrival at just the right moment came as any huge surprise to Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet.

[Eric Stonestreet photo by Rena Schild /]