New Xbox 360 title reveals the perfect pick-up lines

It is the sequel every gamer has been desperately yearning. The follow-up that will influence the industry for years to come. Ladies and gents, I give you the spiritual successor to 2009’s landmark title Don’t B Nervous Talking 2 Girls:

The Secret to the Perfect Pickup Line.


I did a brief review of Don’t B Nervous Talking 2 Girls back in December, and concluded it was basically cack but still hilarious. The Secret to the Perfect Pickup Line looks like more of the same – no surprise, as it’s from the same developer. As the title suggests, this downloadable game (priced at around a dollar on the Xbox Indie Games Channel) will let you hone your chat-up techniques for the ladies.

The idea is to fill in missing words from existing pick-up lines, all of which are comically abysmal. They did manage to hire more than one woman for this game (perhaps the sponsorship deal with “Old Spice” deodorant helped), though it’s fair to say none will be picking up, er, serious acting roles in the near future.

Now try and get through the whole trailer below without cringing to death:

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[Via Siliconera]