‘Only God Forgives’ Nicolas Winding Refn Up For ‘Bond’ Film

Even though Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn is receiving not-so-favorable reviews for his latest Ryan Gosling flick, Only God Forgives, the director isn’t exactly hurting for work.

With Skyfalldirector Sam Mendes out of the franchise, sources are saying that the producers of the Bond franchise Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson are after Nicolas Winding Refn to direct the new Daniel Craig sequel.

The question of who will direct the new Bond installment has been a puzzle since Mendes announced that he was out. After his announcement was made Dark Knightdirector Christopher Nolan was also approached and in talks to direct the new Bond film, but nothing was confirmed. Besides, we’re pretty sure he has his hands filled with his epic sci fi project Interstellar.

Nicolas Winding Refn seems like the man for the job. Although his minimalist style isn’t anything like what Sam Mendes brought, perhaps the quiet, cool, look of his films will be a welcoming change to the Bond franchise. As of right now, his style in capturing violence is known in the industry, and is getting critics attention for better (Drive) or for worse (Only God Forgives). In addition his style would certainly suit Daniel Craig’s intensity, that’s for sure. As of right now producers are looking to get the latest Bond flick into theaters by 2014, so it’s only a matter of time before news is confirmed.

Another huge blockbuster that the director toyed with for awhile was the upcoming Denzel Washington thrilled The Equalizer. Unfortunately Nicolas Winding Refn had to bow ow due to creative differences. At the time he told L.A. Times he would: “rather make a good movie that breaks even than a bad movie that makes money.”

Do you think the Drive director is a good fit for the Bond franchise?