Mermaids Still Not Real, Despite ‘New Evidence’ [Video]

Animal Planet stirred up some maritime mythology last year when it released Mermaids: The Body Found. The documentary, which attempted to prove the existence of mermaids, had people around the country wondering if there was a race of aquatic humanoids living deep in the ocean. NOAA even released a statement denying the existence of mermaids but now, thanks to Biologist Dr. Paul Robertson, there’s more video evidence to the contrary.

Animal Planet released Mermaids: The New Evidence this weekend and people are starting to get curious again about the existence of mermaids. The documentary features new footage taken by Robertson in the Greenland Sea which allegedly shows more mermaids.

The documentary had people glued to the television screen and soon Twitter was full of questions about the existence of mermaids. NOAA hasn’t released a statement to debunk the new documentary but Robertson admitted that the documentary was a bit of a hoax.

The biologist told the Mother Nature Network that the program is scientific fiction based on scientific theory.

Robertson said that he made Mermaids: The New Evidence appear like a documentary because he wanted it to be believable.

Robertson said: “I wanted the story to appeal to a sense of genuine possibility, and incorporating real science and evolutionary theory and real-world scientific examples — such as animals that have made the transition from land to sea, much as we suggest mermaids did — and citing real, albeit controversial theories like the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis, grounded it. Using a straight, documentarian approach made the story more persuasive by appealing more to a sense of intellectual possibility as well as emotional possibility. I think the story works because it’s possible to believe that mermaids might have an evolutionary basis; I think it works because you can believe they are real. And personally, I don’t think there’s any story more appealing than a legend that can be believed.”

Here’s a video of the new mermaid evidence.