Galifianakis Shows Off Goatee, Mustache At Paris Premiere

Zach Galifianakis is known for his big bushy beard but last night at the Paris premiere of The Hangover 3 the actor showed off a new look. Galifianakis walked the red carpet with a goatee and a mustache with his Hangover co-stars.

Galifianakis didn’t say why he chose to shave off his signature beard but the Daily Mail notes that it may have something to do with his next movie, Birdman. The actor’s beard has become synonymous with his Hangover Alan Garner and Galifianakis may be trying to shed the image for his next movie.

Galifianakis told Us Magazine said that he wasn’t said about the franchise ending and that he was excited to celebrate the new movie with fans before moving on with his career.

The actor said: “I’m not sad … I’m really excited about being able to celebrate this with the fans across the country.”

Unfortunately, fans haven’t been lining up the way they did for the first two movies. The Hangover III was ripped apart by critics last week and its box office totals have fallen below expectations. The movie took in $41 million during its opening weekend. That number was good enough for the No.2 spot behind Fast And The Furious but put it way behind its predecessors.

The final Hangover movie didn’t live up to expectations but hey, at least Galifianakis looks great in a goatee.