Beyonce Gets Booty Slapped By Overzealous Fan [Video]

Beyonce had an interesting run in with a fan last night during a concert in Copenhagen. The “Bootylicious” singer had her booty slapped by an overzealous fan while singing her song “Irreplaceable.”

Beyonce was making her way down the catwalk interacting with fans when someone reached up and slapped her butt. The singer was holding the microphone out to fans in order to let them sing the “to the left” part of her song. Well, someone thought that it was appropriate to take a more hands on approach to the song.

After the song, Beyonce told the fan that she would have him “escorted out for that.”

But according to NME, the singer didn’t actually have the fan ejected from the concert.

Beyonce returned to the stage shortly after the birth of Blue Ivy and is currently working on a new studio album. There aren’t too many details about the new album yet but a few snippets have leaked online.

Beyonce’s world tour currently extends to August but the singer could add a few more dates after the release of her album. Of course, there are also rumors that the singer is pregnant again so the singer may have to step away from the stage for a few months.

Beyonce is currently on tour and will have a new album coming out soon but that isn’t the only big news on the signer’s plate. Beyonce can also be seen (actually heard) in the movie Epic.