Google dumps Google Forums for Adsense help, switches to a Yahoo Answers format

Google has advised members of the Google Adsense Help forum that they will no longer be using Google Groups, and are instead using a new Q&A platform.

The new site allows Adsense users to ask questions and have them answered by other users. Answers are offered clearly under each question, and each answer can be voted on through a yes and no option on usefulness.

If the new platform sounds like Yahoo Answers, it looks that way as well. Although embracing the usual bland aesthetics of Google services, the format is nearly identical. Whether this is part of a bigger plan by Google to slowly move back into the Q&A space in unknown, but the decision is notable as Google has decided to move away from one of its existing products, Google Groups.

Full email sent to users as follows

The AdSense Help Forum is moving from Google Groups to a new platform that offers a number of features our users have requested. As a result, the English AdSense Help Forum in Google Groups will be closed to posting starting today, October 30, 2008. In order to continue asking and answering questions of other AdSense users, please visit the new forum at Anyone can read the forum, but you’ll need to sign up using your Google Account in order to post.

The new platform offers the following features:

* Question & answer format to help you find answers quickly
* Improved search functionality and integration with the AdSense Help Center
* Better spam detection and prevention
* Public recognition of Top Contributors and frequent posters
* Ability to subscribe to ask questions and receive answers via email

Thanks in advance for your patience as we work to build a community in the new AdSense Help Forum. We hope you’ll come check it out!