Keith Urban Will Debut New Material On Tour

Keith Urban has some new songs out, but, if you want to hear them, the singer’s Light The Fuse Tour 2013 may be a better bet than iTunes or Amazon.

Speaking to Billboard, Keith Urban explains that “the road” isn’t normally where he chooses to unleash new material — but, as he prepares to take to stages across America for the tour he kicks off in July, that’s probably how his new material will be introduced.

Urban eventually plans on forging his new stuff into an album but not before he hits the stage on July 13 in Cincinnati. Explaining that “there’ll just be certain songs that feel right to do live even though nobody knows them, Urban adds that “our stage will be kind of like our radio station, and we’ll be playing these songs for the first time.”

Of his upcoming releases, Keith says that the process should help him figure out what his next album looks like, telling the mag:

“If you had asked me three months ago, I’d have said we’ve got 13, 14 songs done and were just going to round them out … But new songs have come along that I’ve finished writing or I find, and before you know it, we’re back in tracking those, and then the album goes off into a different direction.”

Urban continues:

“I’ve probably got about 16 or 17 songs, and I’ve got about three or four, maybe five more to do. There’s lost of material; I’ve just got to figure out what constitutes the album at this stage.”

He adds: ” … the way I look at it is that when people hear a song on the radio, that’s the first time they’ve heard it, too, and hopefully it connects with them and they want to hear it again.”

Do you have plans to catch Keith Urban on tour this summer before his album hits this fall??