Apparently American Idol’s Kara DioGuardi can sing as well [Video]

I don’t normally talk about American Idol as it generally bores me to tears but I ran across this bit of a back story regarding American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi via Chez at the Deus Ex Malcontent blog that I found rather cool on a couple of points.

It seems that back in 2004 one of my favorite musicians by the name of Dave Stewart; which you might remember from the Eurythmics days, had a one off project called Platinum Weird. This project though was known more for the hoax it tried to pull off than it was for its longevity. From Chez’s post

Stewart devised a plan in which Platinum Weird would be promoted as a band that was actually created back in the 70s and had performed one legendary gig at Mick Jagger’s house before dropping off the face of the earth. The reason they’d supposedly broken up was that their mystical female lead singer had suddenly vanished. The joke was that the one gig the band played wound up influencing everyone from the Stones to Elton John to Fleetwood Mac, and Stewart even put together an elaborate back story on the internet that included film clips on YouTube of today’s singers talking about how inspired they were by the music of Platinum Weird. According to the fictional story, Stewart eventually met a young singer in New York who, strangely, knew the words to even unreleased Platinum Weird material, supposedly because she’d wound up living next to the band’s original elusive frontwoman for several years; he ultimately put the band back together with her as vocalist.

It turns out the the lead female vocalist for the project was none other than Kara DioGuardi. She might be better known now for here songwriting but if the video is any indication she’s a pretty good singer – at least better than anyone on this year’s American Idol.