Katie Holmes: Tom And I Were Done Last Year

Update regarding the Katie Holmes divorce from Tom Cruise: the actress claims that the marriage was already over as of 2011.

Holmes says that her marriage to actor Tom Cruise was "irretrievably" broken 6 months prior to filing for divorce in New York City, reports TMZ. A picture is worth a thousand words, and that one up top is Tom and Katie taking a stroll a few weeks ago in Iceland. You can't see it, but they are walking hand-in-hand. One look at that picture, and maybe one can understand why Holmes was so surprised that Tom was "blindsided" by the divorce filing. Cruise said he had "no idea" Holmes would file, but honestly, looking at that picture? I suppose anyone could have gotten that idea had they been looking closely.

The Dawson's Creek actress also has a big custody battle coming up. Even though the former-couple shared a Beverly Hills home, Holmes has been trying to establish residency in New York. It's also why she filed there - New York courts are likely to give her a better shot at full-custody over Suri, notes the NY Post.

Cruise's desire to fully indoctrinate Suri in the ways of Scientology was reportedly Holmes' breaking point. She was afraid that he would send the 6-year-old to Scientology's hardcore elite Sea Organization where apparently "Kids as young as five can be sent to live [at Sea Org] ... without their parents," according to the group's website.

Holmes was frightened of what might happen to her daughter there after seeing what it does to people first hand. Reports TMZ, "When Holmes and Cruise first hooked up in 2005, Jessica Feshbach, a prominent Scientologist who had been with the Sea Org since 1994, was transferred and became Katie's assistant/Scientology chaperone. Feshbach, in one of Katie's first interviews after getting together with Cruise, was described by a writer for W magazine as 'cold-eyed' and 'a third-wheel.' "

Are you surprised by Katie Holmes' revelation that her marriage to Tom Cruise "ended" last year?