Borussia Dortmund Get Flashmob Sendoff At Airport After Losing Champions League Final [Video]

Just when things looked like they couldn’t get any worse for Borussia Dortmund, a flashmob appeared while they entered the airport to leave London after losing the Champions League final. Dortmund lost 2-1 in the final minutes to German rival Bayern Munich on Saturday night and they were greeted by song and dance when they entered the airport to leave town.

The flashmob was set in place by Puma football, and though the skit was choreographed and included a DJ, the Dortmund players didn’t seem interested in the slightest bit. The Black Yellows watched with confused looks on their faces as they checked in their bags and prepared for their flight.

Halfway through the number, a man with a guitar comes out and begins singing a rendition of Primal Scream’s “Movin’ On Up.” The song and dance lasts a little over two minutes, and at the end of the performance yellow confetti shoots out of nowhere and the dancers run off to grab a banner that reads, “We Are Proud Of You.”

Yes, this really happened, and what makes it “video-candy” is the fact that the Dortmund players were really not inspired in the least bit by the performance. It’s tough to blame them, as they just lost to their bitter rivals in the biggest game in all of Europe.

To make matters worse, their top attacking midfielder Mario Götze has already agreed to a transfer to Munich and striker Robert Lewandowksi is set to leave Dortmund for Munich as well.

Though the Borussia Dortmund flashmob was a simple gesture put in place to support the Black Yellows after their defeat, it surely didn’t pan out to expectation. In all honesty, the airport staff seemed to enjoy the dance number more than the players, though a few snapped video’s and gave applause at the end, possibly because they were happy it was over.

Here’s the video of Puma’s Borussia Dortmund flashmob that turned out to be somewhat of an embarrasment for the club’s players.

[Image via Peter Fuchs]

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