Mariah Carey Tweets Video Of Bug Attack On Set Of #Beautiful [Video]

Poor Mariah Carey. Life is so hard when you’re beautiful. From popping out of her pink Versace dress in a live appearance on Good Morning America to the Twitter wars with fellow American Idol judge Nicki Minaj, Carey has a full-time job just battling all the challenges that come with being an international singing sensation.

The 43-year-old songbird tweeted the below short video from the outdoor set for her new music video “#Beautiful.” She noted with some wry amusement that she was joined there by some “friends,” and the sarcastic quotation marks are Carey’s very own.

The swarming insects in question cause poor Mariah Carey to wonder whether or not they can continue filming. “They’re gonna bite me, and we’re gonna see bug bite, bug bite…and it won’t be pretty,” she protested to the director, who wanted to continue.

“Suffer for the art,” was his heartless reply.

Well maybe. Since there appeared to be some chardonnay — or perhaps it was even champagne involved — I prefer to believe that she didn’t suffer too much.

It’s also possible that she was just a little nervous because her revealing outfit revealed so much skin. If those insects were a marauding flock of mosquitoes, I don’t think there would be much left of Mariah Carey by now. However, like the director, I doubt that the fluttery mothlike creatures really intended to bite anyone.

In any case, she isn’t battle swarming insects and spilling out of Versace just for her health, you know. She has a new single out, remember? So have fun watching the bug attack, but don’t forget what all this suffering is for. Heh.

What do you think? Are those biting bugs or just harmless moths to the flame on Mariah Carey’s “#Beautiful” set?

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