Spencer Pratt’s Advice Column Hits Hard This Week

Ooooh, Spencer Pratt is a sly one. His advice column is really taking off now that he’s attacking issues close to heart, like being a “star f*cker.” In Spencer’s case, it’s a “reality show, two-bit, minor league f*cker,” but he’s certainly prepared to handle questions of this nature. The deal:

The Question: I met this guy at a bar last week who’s sort of a minor celebrity. He’s pretty good looking and he was nice enough, but he wasn’t my usual type, and if he hadn’t been famous I wouldn’t have given him the time of day. I ended up going home with him and haven’t seen him since. I’ve been feeling really bad since: I’m a star-fucker! How can I stop feeling so shallow?

Spencer’s Answer: Don’t be hard on yourself. Sleeping with minor celebrities is a career for a lot of women in Hollywood. Next time just aim for an A-list actor who’s in the spotlight.

Spencer does know what he’s talking about, and by gosh he’s going to milk his Hills appearances for as long as possible! He did learn from the best, though, with Heidi leading their OK! Mag whirlwind romance with yet another massive cover story.

I long for a Speidi-free life, at least between seasons of The Hills.