Bill Cowher’s Daughter Is Engaged To Former Duke Hoops Player Ryan Kelly

Bill Cowher’s daughter, Lindsay Cowher, is now engaged to former Duke Blue Devils’ basketball player Ryan Kelly. The 6-foot-10 standout for coach Mike Kryzewksi informed his followers on Twitter Thursday by posting a photo of the the couple’s hands locked while Cowher is sporting her engagement ring.

It’s one thing to speak with your future wife’s father, it’s another when that man happens to be a former NFL coach who’s known for his gritty style. To top it off, Bill Cowher’s alma mater is North Carolina State, a bitter rival of Duke University.

Well, as awkward as it sounds, the match obviously fits as the couple is now engaged while Kelly is preparing for the NBA Draft. The 22-year-old is projected to go in the second round of the draft after four seasons at Duke.

He averaged 12.9 points a game in his senior season, the highest of his college career, and he also has a ring just like Bill Cowher. In his freshman season, the Blue Devils won the National Championship over the cinderella story in Butler.

The Cowher family has a thing for athletes, as Bill Cowher’s daughter Lindsay isn’t the only one to marry a sports figure. Lindsay’s oldest sister Meaghan is married to the Carolina Hurricanes’ right-winger Kevin Westgarth.

The Super Bowl winning coach now has a family full of athletes, and here’s the Twitter post from Ryan Kelly to prove it.

Getting drafted in late June would be a great engagement gift for Kelly, but either way, he will surely find a spot on a roster before the 2014 season as he’s a proven defender and let’s face it, there’s always room for 7-footers in the NBA.

Ryan Kelly was a force on the court for the Duke Blue Devils, but has he now established his off-the-court “game” by getting engaged to Bill Cowher’s daughter?

[Image via Brian Horowitz]