GameCrush will hook you up with a gamer girl… for a price

Forever battling the stereotype of being celibate losers, gamers also have a handicap when it comes to getting laid if they’re really hardcore into their hobby.

A new service aims to avail players of their gaming induced loneliness by allowing company-starved gamers to pay girls (or it appears, boys) to play with them. Gamecrush, operating on a token system, offers you a “PlayDate” for XBox live or Flash games. At $8.25 per game (10 minutes of XBox or 6 of Flash), you can pick from 1200 candidates on the site for a “Flirty” or “Dirty” date on a variety of games. (Halo 3, Grand Theft Auto IV, Modern Warfare 2 and Gears of War 2 are currently the XBox Live options.)

Kotaku has a gallery of some of the current pay-for-play chicks (and at least one, arguably two, very scary dudes.) The service is supposed to be comparable in cost to buying a girl a drink at a bar, but there should be at least a slight drop in price considering the chances of the girl ending up between your grotty bedsheets is astronomically slim. Would you pay up to $82.50 an hour for the chance to see tits while you’re playing your favorite XBox live game, or should you just hit up Craigslist if you’re horny, like everyone else?

[via Consumerist]