Amanda Bynes Addresses Recent Arrest On Twitter

Even getting arrested on drug charges won’t keep Amanda Bynes away from Twitter.

The troubled actress didn’t waste any time returning to the social media site after appearing in court on Friday. The Easy A star has been formally charged with attempted evidence tampering, reckless endangerment, and marijuana possession.

Shortly after he court appearance, Amanda Bynes decided to address the situation with the 1.2 million followers she currently has on Twitter. Although she was arrested and charged with marijuana possession, the actress said she doesn’t do drugs and has never owned a bong.

As for the joint her neighbor claimed she was smoking in the building’s lobby, Bynes said it was just a cigarette. And the bubbler she reportedly threw out her apartment window during her arrest? That was just a vase.

The former Nickelodeon star also issued a tweet that seemed to address the wig she decided to wear to court. Since Bynes was forced to shave her head after her hair got fried from a dye job gone horribly awry, the actress has opted to wear wigs when she goes out in public. Even she admitted to needing some help in that department.

Amanda Bynes is scheduled to return to court on July 9. The judge warned the actress on Friday that getting into any more trouble or skipping out on her next court appearance would result in a significant increase in her bail.

For those of you who enjoy reading Bynes’ contributions to the world of Twitter, her latest tweets have been embedded below. It will be interesting to see how she handles her pending legal woes, particularly where the social media site is concerned.

Bynes also had some not-so-nice things to say to blogger Perez Hilton.

Are you a fan of Amanda Bynes? Are you concerned about the actress’ increasingly unstable behavior?

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