Justin Bieber Booing Leads To Unlikely Anger From Cee Lo Green [Video]

Opinion on the booing of Justin Bieber at the recent Billboard Music Awards has divided the good, bad, and the downright ugly, but Cee Lo Green is absolutely sure where he stands.

As one of the three people (later four) who shared the Las Vegas stage with the 19-year-old, the “Forget You” singer has a strong view on the thoroughly tense moments that followed his presentation of the first ever Milestone award to the teen star.

On Sunday, Billboard caught up with Green backstage post-boos and asked the 38-year-old if he spoke to Bieber after the incident.

Without hedging, Green revealed that he had, adding:

“I was just wondering why they were booing him and not showing him the love and affection that he deserves. He’s a great kid […] and a talent. He’s done well, he’s done well. I don’t appreciate that.”

Green didn’t divulge on the brief moment when Bieber turned around on stage to grip the big man’s shoulder, as if in response to words of encouragement.

While many have mused on possible reasons as to why the pop star was booed — angry Mars and Swift fans, a gnashing public pumped up after three months of tales from the Believe tour, or just Bieber schadenfreude — by far the most astonishing theories reportedly came courtesy of two music industry sources.

Speaking to the Chicago Sun-Times, one of the insiders, who the paper called a “veteran industry pro,” said of the boos:

“A lot of people are just tired of Bieber and his antics. He’s such a whiner and is always acting up … I know he’s still a teenager, but come on! He’s been in the business for years now. He should know how to act.”

The other source claimed the majority of the BBMA crowd were music industry professionals, adding that the comments and photos posted by the teen star to his Twitter account were seen as “stupid” and that “those boos were just some folk letting off steam.”

Curiously, no mention was made of the charitable links Bieber frequently posts on Twitter or the outreach work he does off-Twitter, or the observation that (if true) booing a teenager because of his social media output is ludicrous.

In other related news, the Canadian has just won a clutch of Social Star awards at the inaugural Singapore event hosted by Jeremy Piven and Jessica Alba.

These included Pop Male Artist and Music Solo Artist Awards. Bieber has also been multi-nominated in the 2013 Teen Choice, MuchMusic Video and World Music Awards.

Meanwhile, Green told Billboard that he is working on a new album with Goodie Mob and has also written a song (production details as yet unknown) on Janelle Monae’s upcoming album.

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