Farrah Abraham Wants To ‘Change The World’

Don’t call her “Backdoor Teen Mom,” those days are behind her (pun intended). Farrah Abraham wants everyone’s attention focused on her new reality TV show, sorry, a “reality docu-soap” (???) with Spinboi Films.

As we reported earlier today, Abraham has finished counting her seven-figure payout from that incredibly controversial porn video, and has now moved on to a new reality TV show.

But remember, Farrah Abraham is nothing like Kim Kardashian and doesn’t want to be compared to her.

Tuesday was actually a pretty bizarre day for Farrah Abraham, who is more and more a woman of pure contradiction.

Despite her open shame and attempts to distance herself from her XXX tumble with James Deen, Abraham was actually in New York to promote it.

She gave a series of radio interviews, had lunch with an unidentified male, and even stopped in for a visit with Dr. Shawn Sadri, her dentist.

That afternoon, news broke of Abraham’s collaboration with Spinboi Films on a “docu-soap” reality show, and she confirmed it herself on Twitter:

I like my TV just fine, Ms. Abraham.

In any case, it’s all part of a bigger plan for Farrah Abraham who has her sights set on being the next Kim Kardashian changing the world.

“I’m not choosing that life,” she told Us Weeklyof her pornographic film. “I’m getting an online master’s in business communication and I want to open a modern fusion restaurant in Austin that has a drunk driving campaign to help people make good choices,” she says.

“I really want to change the world.”

She sure has her work cut out for her.

Are you a fan of Farrah Abraham? Are you excited for her return to reality TV?