Vince Vaughn Fathers 500 Children In New Film ‘Delivery Man’

For his next film Delivery Man,Vince Vaughn will father upwards to 500 children. Now before you start trying to count if there’s actually 500-some odd women that would want to have relations with Vaughn in his post Swingers state, let us clear this up for you.

Delivery Man is said to be a Canadian remake of the his Starbuck. The plot is simple albeit ridiculous as Vaughn’s character donates his sperm in 1991 and years later discovers that there was a mix up and he has fathered over 500 children. Now the women of those children are looking to sue the sperm bank, and that’s where Vaughn’s involvement comes in.

From the teaser trailer it’s too early to tell if this will be yet another box office disappointment for Vaughn. There wasn’t too many laughs or even halfhearted chuckles when the teaser is concerned. So far it looks like Vaughn is doing his typical brand of fast-talking comedy, that resembles more of a neurotic nervous breakdown than anything remotely comical. It’s one thing to have a phoned in performance by Vaughn, but from what we have to go on it looks like he’s just dragging himself through a film he knows too well.

Something that looks promising is Chris Pratt’s role as Vaughn’s lawyer. So far Pratt has been a real scene stealer in films from Zero Dark Thirty to The Five-Year Engagement, the former which failed to impress critics as a whole but turned out to be partially saved by Pratt and Alison Brie’s comedic energy. Hopefully Pratt can save Delivery Man from being another failed Vince Vaughn project.

It’s been well over five years since Vince Vaughn resurrected his career with 2005’s Wedding Crashers, and while he did well in a few movies after that, he hasn’t outperformed himself or made big bank for the budgeted films that he’s taken on since then. Most people think his comeback film will be The Internship as he re-teams with his Crashers co-star Owen Wilson. We’re hoping they’re right if Delivery Man’s teaser is any indication of how many unfunny bits are in the film.