May 24, 2017
Brad Pitt Doesn't Get Paid As Much As He Used To

It might be time to get the tissues out, because it seems like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have fallen on hard times. And with about 35 mouths to feed at home too, no wonder they need our support.

You see it looks as if Pitt isn’t making as much money as he used too and with his spouse also working in the same business arena as her beau it seems like they are one cinematic catastrophe away from signing on to welfare.

Pitt, who recently decided to tell the world that his house is literally filled to the brim with explosive weapons as well as small children, responded to a question about his multi-million dollar salary by stating, “Yeah, that thing died. The arithmetic doesn’t really work right now … that deal’s not flying these days.”

His rather nonchalant delivery probably masked a cloud of despair and anger over the cruel, cruel misfortune that has been walloped upon his family. It is thought that Pitt could have earned a figure as low as $25m last year. I expect hoards of charities are organising a benefit concert right now for the pair and their brood.

The Ocean’s Eleven and Moneyball star added, “It’s a really interesting time. A lot of studios have been challenged because of the economic downturn as well so they’ve been betting on bigger, more tent pole kind of things.”

Pitt is due to next be seen on screen in Andrew Domink’s Killing Them Softly on October 19, or might be on a street corner near you before then.