Sylvester Stallone Wants A ‘Young Sigourney Weaver’ For ‘Expendables 3’

Sylvester Stallone continues to keep fans up-to-date with anything and everything related to The Expendables 3.

The actor is busy piecing together a script and finding people to star in the upcoming sequel. Stallone’s attempts to wrangle actors and actresses are well-documented on Twitter.

According to his latest tweet, Sylvester is interested in landing a “young Sigourney Weaver” for a role in the flick. There’s not a lot to sink your teeth into with this particular post, but it shows that Stallone is interested in getting some ladies to sign on for The Expendables 3.

Those who follow the Demolition Man star on Twitter have been privy to quite a bit of information regarding the follow-up. Stallone recently teased that he was still pursuing aging action hero Steven Seagal for a possible role in the movie. However, nothing about his involvement has been confirmed just yet.

The actor also used the social media site to announce that Wesley Snipes has signed on for the flick. Other comments have suggested that Jackie Chan is boarding the sequel as well.

Stallone also hinted that he is putting together several action sequences that are on-par with the fights found in writer-director Gareth Evans’ The Raid: Redemption. Considering how amazing that movie was, Sylvester has some serious work to do in the coming months. Those scenes will be incredibly hard to top.

If you’ve missed out on Stallone’s tweets as of late, then you can check them out below. Given that he has posted quite a bit of information prior to production, fans should expect a plethora of details and behind-the-scenes info to pop up once filming begins later this year.

You’ll have to kindly disregard Stallone’s spelling in the next tweet.

Do you follow Sylvester Stallone on Twitter? What do you think about the actor’s constant updates regarding The Expendables 3?