Pauly D Shows Off His New Hair, Twitter Weighs In [Photo]

Stop what you’re doing: Pauly D has apparently shared pictures of his new hair on Instagram.

The Jersey Shore veteran was known around the globe for the blown-out hairstyle he debuted on MTV’s popular reality show. Now that the program is over and he’s getting a little older, Paul DelVecchio has decided to update his look with a little Hollywood inspiration.

Pauly D posted pictures of his new hair on Instagram earlier this week. The slick look was obviously inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio’s character from director Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. The former reality show star even pointed out this fact with a helpful caption.

“The Great DJ Gatsby,” he wrote for those who didn’t get the reference. You can find the pic below.

Say what you will about the guy’s new hairstyle, but Pauly D has made a name for himself following the success of Jersey Shore. Although the show may have been canceled, DelVecchio is still booking DJ gigs all across the country. However, it remains to be seen if all of his celebrity powers were rooted in his famous haircut.

According to Us Weekly, Pauly D’s previous haircut required quite a bit of maintenance. The DJ would reportedly spent around 25 minutes every day making sure his hair was the very definition of perfection. If he was making an public appearance, DelVecchio would reportedly apply copious amounts of hairspray and sparkles.

“A lot of people try to do the same hair style, but they can’t really do it right. Mine definitely stands out,” he explained to the New York Daily News back in 2009.

Since celebrities can’t do anything without people sharing their opinions on the subject, a number of folks recently took to Twitter to discuss Pauly D’s new hair. A few of their reactions are embedded below.

Pauly D cut his hair, Kim Kardashian is fat and pregnant, Beckham retired, first gay NBA player, Holyyy 2013 is too much to take in #lol

—(@GonzMonch) May 22, 2013

Pauly D’s lookin’ fine with his hair slicked back…. dang

— Jasmine Chanel (@JCRuiz_x) May 22, 2013

ew! Pauly D cut his hair! lol.

— Ju Saenz ❤ (@julove_) May 22, 2013

Here’s a pic of what Pauly D looks like now.

If you’re still longing for the days of the reality star’s old hairstyle, then check out the instructional video embedded below. Those looking to transform their own hair into DelVecchio’s old look will find plenty of pointers.

Are you a fan of Pauly D? What do you think about the DJ’s new hair?

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