♫ Sing it with me: Who’s afraid of the Christian Right…Yahoo!…Yahoo!♫

Yahoo, to date silent on Proposition 8 despite both Google and Apple making public statements of opposition, still remains silent today, but it turns out they’re quietly backing the no campaign.

Proposition 8 is the ballot question facing Californian’s next week, who are being asked to define marriage as between a man and a women, in effect banning gay marriage, and invalidating the marriages of GLBT people who have already tied the knot.

Spotted by Louis Gray, Yahoo co-founders Jerry Yang and David Filo have each donated $15,000 to the No campaign, making them the largest donors to the no campaign in Sunnyvale.

Yahoo has linked to the no campaign before, but only through its GLBT portal; the company has made no statement on officially supporting one side or the other.

Although we have no evidence of Yahoo itself contributing to the No campaign, the identical donations from its founders, including CEO Yang can only be interpreted one way: the management at Yahoo support the no campaign, but are too gutless to say so publicly least they face calls for a boycott from the Christian Right, who have already targeted Google over the issue. Google can ignore a boycott from a vocal minority, but Yahoo, with its difficult financial and traffic situation would be more adversely affected from any boycott.

So ♫ Sing it with me: Who’s afraid of the Christian Right…Yahoo!…Yahoo!♫