April Macie: Lance Armstrong Asked Me To Perform Strange Sexual Act On Him

April Macie says Lance Armstrong made a strong bedroom request to her.

The comedian, who is a frequent guest on Howard Stern’s radio who, said she was enjoying a night out in Los Angeles with a friend about five years ago. They came across Lance and eventually returned to his hotel room.

That is when things got weird, April Macie said. She came back to find her friend “just face deep in his a**hole.”

“I was terrified,” Macie joked to Stern on a recent appearance.

But it would get weirder still, Macie said. Lance asked if she wanted to join in.

“Like: ‘Do you want in on a round too? Of **hole eating? I got pretty for the evening. I didn’t know he was going to ask me to eat his ***hole later on.’ “

There is no way to tell how much truth there is to the story. April Macie offered no verification, and comedians have been known to embellish for the sake of a joke.

And as Deadspin noted, if the incident did truly happen, Lance Armstrong likely would have at least locked the door.

But no matter its veracity, the story would be the latest public embarrassment for Lance Armstrong. Stripped of his Tour de France titles and abandoned by his sponsors after finally publicly admitting to using performance-enhancing drugs, Lance has seen his popularity plummet.

The cyclist even compared himself to Bill Clinton, once the subject of his own scandal.

“Ultimately, people forgive and forget and remember the good stuff you did,” Lance Armstrong told Texas Monthly. “Is it hard to do? Yeah. But Clinton did it. He loves to work, he loves people, he loves to hustle.”

Armstrong continued: “He’s a hero of mine. He’s a tough guy, he’s smart, surrounded himself with good people. And 10 years later, he’s president of the world. It can be done.”

You can listen to April Macie tell the story and all its sordid details here.