Sandra Bullock Marriage Trouble: Jesse James Cheating

Sandra Bullock’s marriage looks set to follow Hollywood tradition and die a premature death with news that her husband Jesse James has been cheating.

The news broke when Michelle “Bombshell” McGee (seriously, we’re not making this up) spoke out about her affair with Jesse James (yeah, we’re laughing at the names here as well) to In Touch.

According to self described “busty tattoo and fetish model” McGee, James first contacted her via MySpace, which naturally led to an 11 month affair, and (again, we’re not making this up) “5 weeks of sex.” Note we don’t know if that was the sum total for the 11 months, or 5 weeks straight, but why the hell would you offer such details to a gossip mag in the first place!

McGee also claims that James told him that he had separated from Bullock, something that she later discovered was false when Bullock thanked him in her Oscars acceptance speech.

To add insult to injury: the affair took place while Bullock was on location filming The Blind Side, the movie she won the Oscar for.

The latest is that Bullock has cancelled promotional gigs for the film to return home to confront James about the allegations.