Gov. Cuomo Warns Khloe Kardashian About T-Shirt

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gave some fashion advice to Khloe Kardashian today. Cuomo warned Khloe that she may want to stop selling her “Rich Soil New York” t-shirts because the logo is a little too similar to the one used by the state’s farm program.

According to the Washington Post, the New York farm program uses the Statue of Liberty above a row of crops for its logo (see below). The symbol is encircled by the words “Pride of New York.”

Khloe’s design looks very similar to the New York logo but the words “Pride of” are replaced with the name of Kardashian’s company, “Rich Soil.”

Cuomo’s administration confirmed today that a “pro forma” letter was sent to Kardashian asking her to remove the t-shirt from her clothing line.

Ace Showbiz reports that the letter was sent by Susan Rosenthal, a lawyer for the Department of Agriculture.

The letter reads: “The State of New York has invested substantial time, effort and resources creating the respect and goodwill associated with the trademark.”

The letter asks for Khloe to stop selling the T-shirts and to provide the state with information about how many shirts have already been sold. The letter also said that, if Khloe ignores the request, the state would take legal action.

new york logo

Khloe hasn’t commented on Cuomo’s warning but it appears that the shirt has been removed from the Rich Soil website.