[VIDEO] First PlayStation Move ad slags off Wii, Microsoft’s Natal

Sony announced its “PlayStation Move” motion-sensing controller last week, and has now delivered a sassy advert mocking its rivals, the Wii remote and Microsoft’s Project Natal for the Xbox 360. The corporate shit-slinging is already underway!

This commercial is the latest in Sony’s excellent “Kevin Butler” series (see more of these amusing TV spots here), and starts by poking fun at the limitations of boxing in Wii Sports. It swiftly moves on to snorting derisively at the lack of buttons on the hands-free Project Natal:

“I mean, come on, who wants to pretend their hand is a gun? What is this, third grade? Pew pew!”

Juvenile, but humorous. Ball’s in your court, Nintendo and Microsoft.

[YouTube, via Kotaku]